Email Marketing

By making use of E-mail Marketing Campaigns, busy marketers can easily send beautiful, well-targeted email marketing campaigns. And with 24/7 support and step-by-step resources, choosing Marketing Campaigns means choosing a partner you can count on.

Benefit of an Email Marketing Service

With the help of e-mail marketing, you benefit from world-class technology and personal attention from email experts.

• Safeguard your account with Adio Brand Solution’s proactive ISP monitoring and outreach.

• Secure your sending with dedicated IPs and custom domain sending.

Adio Brand Solutionbegan as an email infrastructure company, and has earned the love of developers across the world. WithE-mail Marketing, not only will you be delighted, your developers will too.

• Manage your marketing and transactional email from a single platform for ease and continuity.

• Have total visibility and editing access to your transactional templates.

• Benefit from your developers having access to our best-in-class APIs, simple integration, and clear documentation.

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