Hospital Reputation Management

As a doctor, medical practitioner or hospital in general, it is becoming increasingly difficult to help patients through injury, sickness and disease without becoming targets for lawsuits or online defamation. This is a serious problem.

Monitor & Remove Negative Hospital Reviews

Our team offers hospital reputation management to help you monitor and remove any bad, unfair or biased reviews and remarks online. This includes social media pages and online rants on blogs and news outlets, where patients could be lying about how they were treated, and are simply trying to bring down the name of your hospital.

Restore Hospital Reputation & Protect Against Future Attacks

Whether you are a large hospital that caters to hundreds of patients a day, or whether you are an individual practitioner who has worked hard to build trust with your clients, we at Adio Brand Solutions are here to help you restore your online reputation by targeting negative imagery, reviews and content. This way, when people search for your services, they don’t find a search page full of lies and defamation. Instead, your hospital or practice will be represented in the best possible light, with healthy reviews being boosted to the top and negative reviews being pushed to the bottom of the results pages.

At Adio Brand Solutions, our ORM services include, but are not limited to:

• Boosting Positive Web Content

• Online Search Results Management

• Removal or Suppression of Negative Results

• Influencing Autocomplete suggestions on Search Engines

• Subjective Individual Bad Reviews Removal

• Creating and nurturing a Positive Online Identity

• Personal Privacy Protection from Prying Online Eyes

• Defense against Defamation and Libel

• Defense Against Smear Campaigns from Competitors

• Removal of Rip-off Reports and Unfair Complaints

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