Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Product Listing Ads have a higher potential to brand products and services compared with text-based ads because they include an image along with the text.

Product Listing Ads services for:

• Promote your products on Google search

• Create a more engaging user experience

• Looking for more revenue generation

Product Listing Ads services are search ads that include richer product Information, such as product image, price and merchant name, without requiring more keywords or ad text.

What We Do

If you sell products online, Adio Brand Solutions will work closely with you to make sure that your product feed adheres to Google's documented criteria. Once an exact and optimized feed created for selling on Google, we will schedule for it to be updated every 24 hours to make sure that only those products that you have in stock show in PLA's and Google Shopping with the most recent pricing.

We will structure your Product Listing Ad account into logical Ad Groups based around brand, price range, group or any other right segmentation. On a regular basis, we carefully check the clicks received and actively manage bids to make sure that ROI maximized. Data gathered from PLA campaigns can in turn be fed into your standard AdWords campaign.

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