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We deliver excellent results to our clients because of our team’s strategic & integrated approach. Get to know our team below.


Saifi Abbas Rizvi (Digital Marketing Head)

Saifi Abbas Rizvi is the Digital marketing head responsible for Adio’s online marketing strategy. He develops, implements, tracks and optimizes our digital marketing campaigns across all the digital channels. Saifi has always challenged conventions and he goes out of his way to make the impossible possible for his clients. Having a superb grasp of current marketing tools and strategies, he ensures smooth operations and optimum client satisfaction. His passion for technology and dedication for his work has helped him grow super fast in his career. Also, he focuses on innovative and communicative development to meet the expectations of the modern clients. Saifi has assisted clients from many varied industries and helped them boost their online strategies. He is a good communicator to all involved in the process.


Manish Arora (Creative Director)

Manish Arora is the creative director at Adio Brand Solutions. His years of experience have helped him understand client’s expectations, which he uses to offer innovative strategies for maximum client satisfaction. He plans advertising, oversees the creative process and provides guidance to the creative people who work in his team. He imparts proper communication strategy to the copywriters which in turn help in the betterment of Ad-Campaign content as per the requirement of the market scenario. He is responsible for giving a right approach to any campaign or design from start to end of the project. He is amazing when it comes to originating new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages. And, when it comes to creativity, “impossible” does not exist in his dictionary.


Ajay Pathak (SMO/PPC Analyst)

Ajay Pathak is a SMO/PPC Analyst at Adio Brand Solutions. Since he has managed long term projects, he has stunning executing strategies for clients. He quickly understands and supports the initiatives that contribute to the goals and success of client campaigns, specific to social media. When it comes to building profiles for the clients, Ajay has built and nurtured strong and appealing profiles for our clients on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram which are not only liked by the clients but have also increased brand’s visibility and fetched them more leads. Also, he has vast knowledge of how to execute tests and analyze data in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns.


Arvind (Business Development Manager)

Arvind is an ambitious, focused and energetic Business Development Manager with exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. He is a motivated person who consistently pushes himself to exceed the expectations and goals set by the company. He posses superb communication skills and is someone who can build up rapport easily. His in-depth understanding of user requirements has helped us expand our clientele and drive in sustainable financial growth. Arvind is good in developing as well as maintain commercially productive relationships with new and old clients. Financial gains and client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance for him.

Team Member
    Arun Kamal is an accomplished SEO specialist having knowledge of the modern SEO technologies and tools with a potent foundation in website analytics and web stats.

Arun Kamal

(SEO specialist)

    Ajay has always been successful in meeting with the clients to discuss and deliver the project to them. The websites designed by him are always user friendly, efficacious and appealing.


(Web Designer)

    Pankaj has created and maintained functional, attractive websites for many of our clients. Pankaj has also maintained and updated all JQuery plugins for the website.

Pankaj Kumar

(Web designer)

Team Member
    Shruti's understanding of the graphic design and programming language is incomparable. She can create wireframes, storyboards, user flows etc. as per client’s demands.

Shruti Malhotra

(Web Designer)

    Along with good communications skills and a pleasing personality, she has 2+ years of experience in developing intricate e-commerce websites and web-based applications that required designing, coding.

Madhu Tiwari

(Web developer)

Team Member
    Rishabh has an extensive knowledge of programming languages, scripting, RDBMS, Web Technologies, CMS, and Application and Web servers. He understands clients’ need in one go and develop sites far above their expectations.

Rishabh Kalra

(Web Developer)

Team Member
    Arushi has a proven track record of proving pieces that increase engagement and drive more leads. She is detail oriented and committed to meet our clients’ needs.

Arushi Tyagi

(Content Writer)

    Himanshi creates compelling blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, social media content and web copy. She has helped to expand Adio and drive more value through the online content written by her.

Himanshi Arora

(Content writer)

    Aanchal has vast knowledge of effective social media marketing strategies. He knows well how to maximize search exposure and achieve a position in the first page of popular search engines.

Aanchal Rathore

(SEO/SMO Team Leader)

    Pooja is a SEO team leader who takes pride in exceeding the expectations of company’s clients. She is honest, passionate, has outstanding leadership skills and excellent persuasion ability.


(Team Lead-SEO)

Team Member
    Brijesh has up-to-date knowledge that helps to interpret our clients’ needs and to design solutions with high visual impact. He is great in coordinating and co-operating with all the team members and others.


(Graphic Designer)

Team Member
    Qasar has created visual aspects of marketing materials, websites and other media, including infographics. He is good in meeting clients to discuss their business objective and responsibilities.


(Graphic Designer)